Finally. A Windows Application to preview all your 3D LUT Files on your
footage. Select your favorites from the Gallery and watch your chosen LUT
applied to your Video. You can even compare multiple LUTS at the same time. Just
leave the Video preview running and start another one.

There are two versions of LUTastic:

Free – Trial Version (limited to using 3 LUTs)
34.95 EUR – LUTastic Pro (unlimited)

current Version: 1.4



– smaller font size in previews
– remembers previous paths for input file and LUT folder
– improved JPG image quality
– Displays LUTs 55 at a time, up to 1000 LUTs per folder
– Added left and right buttons to click through LUTs
– slightly faster in generating previews
– improved stability
– added error messages for better bug reporting
– corrected aspect ratio for non-widescreen sources


– added clear error Messaging
– improved 3D LUT compatibility